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- Poom poom poom [he simulates anal sex on his friend]. I like this rythm, this music. Well, stay that way. [he takes a bottle and puts him on his hole]
- No, wait, man, you won’t really put it in my ass ?!
- Come on, bend down forward. Wait. I see nothing. Ah, here.
- Ouch !!!!!! Well… Come on, you !
- No.
- Well, ok, I suck you ?
- No, I must go… My mother told me to go back home at 2am and it’s 2am.
- No, it’s not 2am.
- I love doing that ! [he spits on the floor]. Your cock is hard, idiot !
- I’m always hard.
- Wait, 1, 2, 3, 4, …, 20 inches ! It’s 20 inches, 60 centimeters, my friend !! This guy has a 60 centimeters dick, my friend ! (Blablabla) [drunk guy’s words]
- Ok, now suck it !
- Oh, you want me to suck you ?
- Oh fuck yeah.
- Aaaah, you like that, right ?
- Aaah. Are you hard ? [he jerks his friend off] Oh yes you are.
- Yes I’m very hard.
- Because it’s me ! When it’s me who’s jerking you off, you love it. Oh, why does your cock go on the left ? I don’t understand.
- Yes, it’s weird.
- Me, my dick is a little different. Wow, it stinks.
- It smells cock.
- It smells cock that hasn’t been out for weeks. And months and months. Amen.
- Ahahah
- Ahahah
- Ahahah
- You’ll tell me when you are really very hard and when you gonna cum, okay ?
- Not yet. [the wanker jerks his friend off faster] Wait, more like that, look…
- Like that ?
- Yeah
- You like it, right ?
- Yeah
- “You like that, Oh Yeah !” [imitating US porn movies]
- “Oh yeah”
- (…) [imitating again] Oooh, look, you love it, I’m only wanking the head.
- Well, jerk the head off with only two fingers.
- You like that, right ?
- Use a third finger.
- You like that ?
- Now jerk all my dick off.
- “Oh yeah (…)”
- “Oh yeah (…)” Go faster, faster, faster !
- Oh oh oh, I’m building my muscle !
- [the friend cums] I can say that you’re a good wanker !
- I have to say that I train every day !

Anonymous asked
What are those two French boys saying in that video?

I tried to translate the video for you. Look at my next post (in bold, it’s the blond guy, and the other is the brown one)

Anonymous asked
Can you post a video of you giving yourself a facial?

Humm, let me think. Obviously not.

habanacuba asked
I love your dick.

To be honest, I like yours too.

shoveyourcockinmymouth asked
You are soo hot

And you haven’t tasted yet !!